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Proposal #2 Token Distribution

Status: Complete

Closing Date: March 6, 2023 05:37 UTC

Snapshot: March 6, 2023 09:30 UTC

How should we distribute our DAO token?

ADAUnity created a DAO token The “ADA Unity DAO Token” $AUDAO, for the one perpose of adding some extra weight to True AUDAO Votes.

We are now asking the community how we should distribute this token?

Should it be a paid token purchased from our site or Cardano DEX?


Should it be distributed on Dripdropz?

Voting Result

Vote Stats

Dripdropz ¤

0 Votes (0%)

Purchase On-site or Dex ¤

0 Votes (0%)

* 1 unique votes with 10 total voting power.

Current On Chain Votes


January 16, 2023 08:38 UTC